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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nooky Lube

I've tried several different lubes in my lifetime.  Some are sticky, some are full of crazy ingredients, some have an unpleasant odor, some are in containers that are hard to get the lube out of, or hard to keep it in, and some cause me to get irritated in the lady region.  

I've been using this lube for a few days.  

I really appreciate the ingredients.  It's not a huge list of chemicals.  It's very basic and makes me not scared to use it.  It is slippery, not sticky.  When used with the hands on skin, when it dried it was just gone.  It didn't leave a sticky feeling.  When used internally, I never needed to replenish.  2 squirts from the bottle was enough for the entire time.  When using toys, more 'might' be needed depending on what's going on. 

I like the bottle.  I like how the lube stays in, and is easily pumped out. You can decide how much you want. No surprises with it jumping out if a squeeze tube.  Be careful, though.  It's slippery.  It will slide off your hand if it's tipped.  

You can also easily change the temperature by putting the bottle in the fridge (if you like cold), or putting it in a bowl of warm water. 

I also like that the smell is very light and not offensive.  I'm not one that likes my lube to have an odor.  

As of now, my lady bits are not complaining.  No irritation to speak of. 

**I received this product for free through shopwithreviews.com in return for my unbiased opinion.  I would not endorse or recommend a product I did not like.  If I dislike something about the product, I will mention it.**

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