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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Le Creuset French Press

I love coffee.  What can I say.  It keeps me going on a daily basis.  I need a little extra boost to keep up with my 9 flying monkeys that make sure I have enough to do during the day.  

In my search for the perfect brew, I broke my glass French Press.  I admit it, I cried for a second or two.  Now, WHERE will I find good French Press?!  Off to Amazon I went.  I searched through the posts, checked reviews, and compared prices.  I figured, go big or go home.  I went with a higher priced French Press.  It may have cost more, but it had great reviews.  

I got my Le Creuset French Press.  

I love my new French Press.  It brews almost a frothy coffee.  It is much richer flavored, and since the press is ceramic, it stays hot for quite a while (unlike the glass presses).  

I make my coffee strong.  I grind 1/2 cup of coffee beans to a course consistancy, add 1/3 cup of sugar (brown sugar is the best), and 28 oz boiling water. I let it steep for 4 min (stirring every minute), then plunge the grounds to the bottom and pour. I like my coffee sweet and strong.  Add some fresh cream, and I'm ready for my day. 

I had a terrible moment as I was preparing this review.  Just 2 days after taking the picture above... THIS happened.  

As I mentioned before, it's a ceramic French Press.  It will break if dropped.  It was wet. I was trying to get the grounds out.  It fell on the handle.  The handle broke.  I was thankful it was only the handle.  The press still works.  

I emailed Le Creuset.  They replied within a week.  They said if it's a manufacturer defect they would replace it for free.  It's not. I dropped it. I broke it.  It was my own fault.  They also offered to replace it at a half price discount.  I thought that was a nice offer. I'm impressed with their customer service. 

Still, I can't at this time afford to spend $43 on a replacement.  We are moving, and all money is going to that. I will possibly take them up on that offer later.  For the time being, I sucked it up, spent $3 on some Gorilla Glue, and am piecing it back together.  I'm not likely to use the handle, but at least it's back together.  I am still enjoying my lovely French Press. 

If you are interested in buying any of the Le Creuset products, check out their website at http://www.lecreuset.com.


  1. That sucks that it broke. It looks like a good one though

  2. OMG, at least it broke because you dropped it, and not because it was made poorly. But that being said, I'm sorry it got dropped. I would totally do that, I break everything I touch. They don't let me around glass ;) It is a beautiful french press though. I have been wanting to try one.

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