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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Grayon Chalkée Kids Stylus Pen for Kids by Greatshield

A stylus for kids!  What a great tool!  My kids love to play on my ipad.  We do some schooling on it.  They also play games on it.  The one thing my younger kids have never had was a stylus. Now they do!  Say hello to Chalkée!

My kids went crazy when they found out this review was for them.  I have had to remind them a few times that it is still my stylus, since the iPad is mine. However, they took right to it. 

The size is great.  It's a big size for smaller hands to hold easier than a normal skinny stylus. It was a softer finish, instead of a hard plastic feel. The tip is a normal stylus nub.  It works great on the iPad.  There's really no downside to it.  It's a great product for kids to use on their (or their parent's) tablet. 

To order your own Chalkée, click the link below. 

**I received this product for free through shopwithreviews.com in return for an honest review.**