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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Priority Chef Garlic Press and Mincer Review

I do a lot of cooking.  With 11 people in our house, homemade is the cheapest and healthiest way to go.  I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets.  If a family member gets me a gift, something for the kitchen is always a great way to go.

With all my cooking, I've tried several ways to mince garlic easy.  I had a garlic press years ago, but really despised. It clogged, the garlic never came out the holes if the skin was left on, and was a HUGE pain to clean. I found it actually easier to peal the garlic and just mince it with a knife.  Anyone who cooks with garlic knows that's not the most pleasant task. 

I got this new garlic press/mincer a few weeks ago.  I'll admit that I was more than a little skeptical due to past experiences.  Boy did the Priority Chef Garlic Press and Mincer change my mind about everything!

I broke the garlic apart from the bulb and decided to do what it said I could.  I left the skins on and pushed it down. It was easy to use AND the best part is that it worked perfectly!!!  The skins stayed in the press.  All the garlic was squeezed out!  I used a butter knife to scrape the garlic off I to my crockpot (making potato soup), and then scraped the skins out with the knife. 

How easy is that?!  I'm so very happy!  No more garlic hands!  It's also very easy to clean!  It separates into 3 sections, which allows for an easy clean up!  I love my  Priority Chef Garlic Press and Mincer!  It made a believer out of me!

If you are wanting to buy a great garlic press/mincer, check them out on Amazon here:

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